Cementa13 Performance

On the weekend I headed along to Cemeta13 and arts festival held in Kandos (western NSW) and performed at the opening party at the Railway Hotel. Here is a recording of the performance:

New Weird Australia Compilation features Nadir

New Weird Australia has released a compilation of live recordings of on-air performances. Nadir performed live on the NWA radio show on FBi in April 2012. Thanks to Stuart Buchanan for putting this together, lots of excellent experimental Australian music to be found at NWA.

NWA has a sister label ‘Wood and Wire’ recently released Machine Death a new wave sludge core project of Ben Byrne, co creator of Nadir. Machine Death is one of my favorite releases of all time. Its a free download you owe it to yourself to check it out! 

Nadir - Live Extracts

A couple of short extracts from the gig in Melbourne @ Multiples:

Nadir Gig Melbourne December 7th

Nadir is playing on Friday 7th December at Gasometer @ 9pm 484 Smith St, Collingwood, Victoria. I’ll be doing some live video also. I put together a solo jam while preparing last week. 

De-Composite Recording

New Nadir tracks

De-Composition @ Time Machine

For the past week or so I’ve had a installation video work at Time Machine a festival curated and organised by the folk who run Serial Space

The video is produced by my LZX video synth, which is being controlled by a Reaktor patch. The patch uses data from a camera in the space tracking the audience. As a person enters the space a new sound and video element is randomly generated. These various elements are sequenced and variations extrapolated.  

Big thank you to the Serial Space directors for putting on Time Machine and to Rene Christen for lending me all the infra red lights and camera. 

Castle Bravo

Dave Burraston at Moduluxxx

Kazumichio Grime has posted some video on Vimeo of Dave Burraston (Dave Noyze) playing at Serial Space for Moduluxxx. Dave also gave a presentation the following day on his home built modular instruments were hoping to get video of his presentation on line soon.

dave noyze LIVE at serial space 27th April 2012 from kazumichi (Toby Grime) on Vimeo.

Come on you lag

I recorded these last Saturday night. I recently took hold of a Toppobrillo Sport Modulator and have been having a lot of fun. Still barely touching the surface of its potential currently just using it for its lag and hold abilities - send CV through it and then using logic from a couple of Maths to trigger its hold function.